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Introducing the Offshore Range

The Offshore Range of products float, are waterproof and provide protection from snow, sand, dust, paint, grease and grime.
The UV resistant PVC and ABS materials also provide shock, scratch and UV protection. 
The unique high quality seal is the reason these bags are rated waterproof for up to 50m. 
By sealing in some air, your phone or camera will float.
PhoneBag (OFF007):
Protection for your phone or small valuables 

Rated IPx8: Waterproof to a depth of 20m
Phone dimensions: 12.5cmx8cmx2cm.
The clear membrane front and rear allows full use of the touch screen and buttons to make and receive calls, take photos and videos on any non flip phone with the phone still protected in the waterproof bag. Includes neck lanyard for security

You’ll be amazed at the sound quality of your phone conversation!

Recommended Retail Price $49.99                                 
Iphoneman Promotional Offer    $29.99*

MusicBag (OFF008):
Protection for an iPhone or Smart phone/iPod or MP3/4 player

Rated IPx8: Waterproof to a depth of 20m
Device dimensions: 12.5cmx8cmx2cm. 
The features of this bag are identical to the PhoneBag plus the addition of waterproof earphones of a high sound quality.
It has both a lanyard and a secure armband for a wider range of uses.
Waterproof products of this quality are normally a specialised item with a very high price tag.

Recommended Retail Price  $69.99 
 Promotional Offer $39.99*
CameraBag (OFF010):
Protection for your digital camera
Rated IPx8: Waterproof to a depth of 50m 

Suitable camera size: 100 x 68 x 35mm Ideal for any outdoor, water or beach activity where there may be sand, dirt, dust and so on.  
No more scratched lenses or sand in the shutter! 
Suitable for lens size: 33mm (diameter), and 30mm (max. zoom distanc)
It includes a Lanyard attachment for security.

This product is unique, it caters for a zoom lens and is waterproof to 50m

Recommended Retail Price    $79.99

Iphoneman Promotional Offer      $44.99*

* Plus P & H