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Introducing the Offshore Range
The Offshore Range of products float, are waterproof and provide protection from snow, sand, dust, paint, grease and grime.
The UV resistant PVC and ABS materials also provide shock, scratch and UV protection. 
The unique high quality seal is the reason these bags are rated waterproof for up to 50m
By sealing in some air, your phone or camera will float.



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PhoneBag (OFF007)

Protection for your phone or small valuables 

Rated IPx8: Waterproof to a depth of 20m
Phone dimensions: 12.5cmx8cmx2cm.
The clear membrane front and rear allows full use of the touch screen and buttons to make and receive calls, take photos and videos on any non flip phone with the phone still protected in the waterproof bag. Includes neck lanyard for security
You’ll be amazed at the sound quality of your phone conversation!

Recommended Retail Price $49.99 
Iphoneman Promotional Offer $29.99*

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MusicBag (OFF008)

Protection for an iPhone or Smart phone/iPod or MP3/4 player

Rated IPx8: Waterproof to a depth of 20m
Device dimensions: 12.5cmx8cmx2cm. 
The features of this bag are identical to the PhoneBag plus the addition of waterproof earphones of a high sound quality.
It has both a lanyard and a secure armband for a wider range of uses.
Waterproof products of this quality are normally a specialised item with a very high price tag.

Recommended Retail Price $69.99 
Iphoneman Promotional Offer $39.99*

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CameraBag (OFF010)

Protection for your digital camera

Rated IPx8: Waterproof to a depth of 50m 

Suitable camera size: 100 x 68 x 35mm Ideal for any outdoor, water or beach activity where there may be sand, dirt, dust and so on. 
No more scratched lenses or sand in the shutter! 
Suitable for lens size: 33mm (diameter), and 30mm (max. zoom distanc)
It includes a Lanyard attachment for security.

This product is unique, it caters for a zoom lens and is waterproof to 50m

Recommended Retail Price $79.99
Iphoneman Promotional Offer $44.99*

* Plus P & H



What we do..

IPhone repairs, IPad repairs, IPod repairs and all other brands

  • All out of warranty repairs for iPods, iPhones, IPads and other brands
  • iPhone battery replacements
  • iPhone screen repairs, iPod screen repairs, iPad screen repairs
  • iPhone LCD repairs, iPod LCD repairs, iPad LCD repairs
  • Fix water damage
  • Change earphone jacks
  • Replace iPod hard drives
  • Replace iPod logic board
  • Replace iPhone casings
  • And more



What to do

What you need to do is..

  • Save all your data as we cannot guarantee against data loss (contacts, pictures, music etc...).
  • Label your iphone/ipod/IPad with a white label or masking tape with your contact details including a mobile phone number, passe code if you have one, (but keep your sim card) and stick it on to the back.
  • Wrap your iphone/ipod in bubblewrap, then put it in a small box (original box recomended) and send it to PO BOX 558 Noosa Heads QLD 4567 
  • Please do not hesitate to send the item.  Going to the nearest Postoffice is easier than searching for another quality repairer.  Faster too as next day but one your phone will be safely back at your postbox ready for collection!!!
  • (For security reasons we suggest you don't write iphoneman on the address). Use a "registered post" padded satchel addressed to Valere Oddoux and you can take insurance for added security (this is not compulsory, Australia post is pretty good). Sorry but we cannot be responsible for equipment lost in the mail! Your phone will be sent back to you in the same manner.
  • I will send you a text message when I receive your phone and will send you another text when I send it back to you with the Post office "registered post" reference number.
  • Don't send your charger or cable unless you think it might be faulty.
  • Also tell me what really happened to your iphone/ipod/IPad! (I wont tell), If it involves liquid ... was it fresh water, saltwater, washing machine, beer, toilet etc... (i've seen it all) A note with this info on it will help me with the repair.
  • Thats it! 


Our prices will include return postage (registered)

Turn around, we fix and send back your IPhone on the day we receive it (providing we get confirmation of your payment)

Cost of some repairs

  • Water damage from $75.00(minimum charge) + parts will charge you $75.00 to look at your iphone $50.00 for ipod and supply a quote for repairs, this cost will come off the final repair price, should the quote be accepted. Under this service we will perform a full dismantlement, clean up, test of all parts and a quote. 
  • Insurance quote/report will charge you $75.00 to prepare a quote/report.
  • Other brands Blackberry, Nokia, LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericson etc... ask for quote we can get parts for most brands and models overnight
  • By sending your phone to iphoneman you agree to the above minimum cost

If your IPhone/IPod/IPad is definitely not repairable we might offer to buy it from you.

Payments to be made via internet transfer or PayPal (charges apply).

Westpac bank Noosa Heads

Payee: Valere Oddoux 

BSB: 034 655

ACC: 387045


Warranty will give you a 6 months limited warranty on all repairs and parts we supply to you in the instance of your IPhone/IPod/IPad having the same problem.
Excluding new breakages and new water damages (We can tell! :-)).



IPHONEMAN.COM.AU is seeking partners in major cities around Australia.

Do you have what it takes to be a mobile phone technician or you are already repairing? Would you like to be part of a growing market under this great name?

IPHONEMAN.COM.AU is getting busier each week and opportunities are opening arround Australia for the right person.

IPHONEMAN.COM.AU finds that a lot of people are uncertain about sending their IPhone/IPod/IPad through the post and of course time is a major factor in IPhone repairs.

Virtually 100's of inquiries through our website are lost each week and now is the time to expand and give someone (YOU) this business at very resonable conditions.

IPHONEMAN.COM.AU will suport you, train you if need be, supply you with affordable parts and send you customers through our website , your name and business number will be on the website (which is getting a major overall soon) you will run your own business, you will have access to our business card artwork. A quality control assesment of your ability would be necessary to maintain the 100% service and customer satisfaction that iPhoneman has built up over the previous 2 years.

This is like a franchise without the major outlay.

To find out more call me on 0434879861