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For all your Out of Warranty Repairs on your I devices and other brands.

IPHONEMAN is lhe longest established iPhone repairer on the Sunshine Coast and the most trusted for quality repairs, customer satisfaction and quality of parts used.

                  IPHONES-IPADS-MACS-and most other brands

Your iPad/iPhone is a bit under the weather or it got “under the weather”!

You have been told that it is not repairable and you must get a new one, unfortunately, you have a contract and will still pay for it for the next couple of years!

Manufacturers warranty do not cover water damages or breakages if any of those happen they will not open up your phone! (They can tell from the outside :-( ) They just send it back saying “not under warranty” “not repairable”.

Worry no more, at IPHONEMAN.COM.AU we will fix it fast and at a reasonable cost. We can get great results on water damaged phones, we also have a great range of parts so you can still have your phone.